Yellow Lamborghini

March 22, 2012


What is your car fantasy? Ferrari, Matserati, Porche, Corvette, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW?

This beautiful yellow Lamborghini from Italy, didn't really impress my little girl, but her father really enjoyed the gorgeous design. There is no doubt, that one thing the Italians are good at is great style and as a designer, DaVinci has an eye for such things and picked me up on our first date in his classic Porche. 

We won't be buying a Lamborghini any time soon, as we are much too practical and poor hubs sold his classic Porche after we got married and started a focus on parenting. There is a time and season for everything and we'd rather travel the world than invest in "stuff" now. But, we do enjoy window shopping and happened to just stumble into these at a car show at one of our malls in Penang.


Fun to see that men and boys ( mainly) drool over these things around the world, although we see more motorcycles than anything here and inexpensive Malaysia-made cars on the street. We've become fond of the mass transit buses here with wifi and air condition or walking to experience place at ground level.

What do you drive?

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Once, I was following a yellow Lamborghini on the freeway close to my home. Powerful feeling (the driver was within the speed limit), gorgeous car, so special to just look at. I wouldn't spend a cent on such a car, though, but I think they're so good to see.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Ooooh, that does sound fun Nadine! Thanks for sharing..I enjoyed the story.

Sometimes, one can enjoy the thrill without paying a cent. ;)

Someday, I must tell the story of when I rode in an antique while Rolls Royce...which was my fantasy car. ;)

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