Bhutan Beautiful Truck Photo

April 23, 2012

beautiful Bhutan..even the trucks!

Even the trucks are beautiful and colorful in Bhutan, land of the thunder dragon! I hear now that they do a similar type of decoration on trucks in neighboring India as well, but we had never seen it before. There is only one road in the whole country of Bhutan and it is still being built ( that is a whole story by itself that is coming soon as the method stunned us).

The roads in Bhutan are good by the main cities, but in the interior and high mountain passes they can be quite scary, as the fall below is treacherous and they are still being built. Perhaps they have all the religious art on their trucks to give them good luck on the roads.


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Have you ever seen trucks like these?

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What I like with this country is their people and their precious traditions. They are unique with the neighboring country that makes them stand out despite being less known.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I so agree with you Jesse, Bhutan is a very unique and special place!

Trucking Jobs

Wow, thats a cool looking truck with so many colors and ornaments. Thanks for sharing.

Katie Martin

Wow, so many interesting things in such a small post! That factoid about there only being one road in Bhutan is amazing to me! I'm assuming that means that it is a very long road that winds through the entire country (which is why it is still being built).
I also really love how that truck is painted. Are all the trucks painted this way, or just for a specific type of industry? I wonder what made the people there first start painting their trucks so flamboyantly. Well, no matter, because it is is beautiful and such a fun way to express creativity.

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