Camping in London, Best Low Budget Travel

April 16, 2012

Camping in London in August

Looking for cheap accommodations in expensive London for your family or going to the Olympics? Most people don't think about camping in Europe or camping in London, but it's a fantastic budget way to travel and very popular with European budget travelers. Or should I say like the Brits... travellers and holiday makers?

There are actually five campsites within the 117-mile or 188km London Orbital (  or M25 motorway) that encircles greater London and with their  efficient mass transit ( buses, "tube" and trains etc) you can easily get anywhere and see it all. You don't need a motorhome or caravan either, as almost all camping sites in Europe allow tents and even cottages to rent.


Even in summer high season, we didn't find it very crowded and it was also a great way to connect with other Europeans. We met families from the UK as well as France, Italy, Germany and many other countries. Camping is family friendly and kids love, it, but it's also ideal for seniors, couples and singles. Like most campgrounds in Europe, we almost never meet any one from the United States.

The photo above is of our campsite at Chrstal Palace Caravan Club during a long stay visit in August. Here the number 3 bus will take you directly to Piccadilly, plus Travel cards can be bought on site, it's next to a Park and just a 10 minute walk from Christal Palace center. There is endless entertainment in London from the Globe theatre to free museums to Hamleys to name a few and why we keep returning to this global city over and over.

One of my goals this year in Asia is to write a book about camping in Europe because we have so much experience after 6 years of traveling Europe, but in the meantime, check out these good books for camping Europe.


Not interested in camping? Here are some other good budget accommodations for London:

Best Budget Hotel in London

Short Term Rental Apartment in London

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Jeff @ Digital Nomad Journey

This is a good option. I'm thinking of taking the extra weight, and bringing a one-man tent with me on future trips.

A great money saver and fun!


Great post. London hotels can be expensive so it is good to know of some cheaper alternatives.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

It is a BIG money saver @Jeff ...much cheaper than hostels or hotels. We see lots of backpackers with little tents all around Europe!

Most have refrigerators and places to lock up your stuff too while you are gone.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks @Spencer...London can be very expensive and I bet it will be even more so during the Olympics.

Melissa Read (readontheroad

We loved Crystal Palace Parade, we camped there in Jan 2002 to see London. Excellent transport connections. One of my best memories is riding the buses to Hampton Court on a cold clear day, it started snowing heavily in the afternoon, and I barely made it home before all transport shut down for a record blizzard (lots of good pics!)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Wow, that is something doesn't see snow too often in London! In all the times we have been there, we've never done it in I can't even imagine.

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