Colorful Street Life Jordan

April 09, 2012

wandering the streets of Jordan

We loved the colorful street life in Jordan. Just wandering the streets in any foreign location, is one of the great pleasures of travel in my book, getting a glimpse into every day life in another part of the world. Different clothes, written language, smells, food, markets, sounds...delight the senses.

One of the great things about a trip to Jordan is the amazing diversity, which I didn't fully expect, from Petra to the luxurious Dead Sea, to a honeymoon suite in the desert in Wadi Rum, to the amazing Four Seasons in Amman, not to mention the many places I have yet to write about. From modern cities, to nomad camps. from green forests to World Heritage Sites, from eco friendly lodgings to first class hotels..Jordan has it all.

What about you, do you learn as much by wandering around a place as you do by seeing the iconic spots?

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Steph / TravelShark

We like to have a bit of a structured itinerary like doing research on a place before we go. We do look at a lot of travel guides & reviews before visiting a place just to have an idea of what to expect, weather/cultural precautions, etc

Our typical 3 day approach:The first day goes to exploring iconic spots, seeing the local culture and getting recommendations. The structure really helps when you're in an unknown place/city/town for the very first time. It's also kind of comforting to know what you're least for the 1st day ya know?

We spend Day 2 and 3 wandering around and going to check out those recommendations and getting MORE.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Coolio @Steph, there are lots of great ways to travel.

We also do lots of research and see the icons ( like Petra and Wadi Rum as mentioned) but find it also really lovely to just wander about...even on the first day.

We even enjoy getting a little lost on purpose sometimes! :)

We've traveled so much ( non-stop for the last 6 years to 44 countries on 5 continents with our family and I've been to over 80 on my own) that perhaps that affects us feeling quite at home in the world no matter where we are.

Icons give one such a different impression than every day life, so sometimes I like to hold off on them for a bit.... or sometimes entirely. ;)

I still like to wander in places like Barcelona despite having been there 16 plus times and often for months at a time.


Just some feedback - not meant to be too critical. But I really miss your day-to-day (or even week-to-week) postings of current life in your current locale. I used to be excited about checking out what was happening with your family this week. But now the posts from all your past trips seem to take away from that anticipation. It seems like any other travel blog now on many random countries. I miss following your family on their journey! Anyway, good luck in Asia.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hi @Denise, thanks for the feedback. It is funny you should say that when I just posted about what we were doing here YESTERDAY. ;)

The post before that was also about what we are doing here...kidlet's speech for earth hour at her Mandarin school in Asia ( a glimpse into a part of the world nobody would get if we didn't share).

Then there was one post on France and yet another VERY long post about what is happening here and an update on my health that many people wanted. ( I had to work on that a ton because I lost half of it due to slow internet and had to redo).

The problem is complex, because blogs are extremely hard work, especially if one is traveling ( often the internet is very slow like here that impacts things).

This blog is extremely old and rare for a travel blog...more so from a world traveling nomad and even more so from a family doing this non-stop for 6 years to all the countries we have been to.

Why is nobody else doing that since 2006? Because it is extremely hard and never ending work that few people will do. Travel blogs stop all the time and I have certainly been tempted to just walk away more than once. But I have a passion for it and know we help, inspire and entertain others.

I've been very ill since May of 2010..better now, but still dealing with health issues ( added to education and caring for our child and each other).

I think it is a miracle that I have managed to keep up the blog at all. It is a miracle anyone reads it. ( That was never part of our I've become a travel writer and nomad pioneer by accident).

Jeesh just keeping up with my photos is a full time job..I often take 1000 to 10 thousand a/day...then we have to store all those photos ( 6 years!)and videos and try to find them again when we need them. Yikes! ( on the move no less).

Ya gotta put flesh and blood on this stuff. There is a reason why most travel writers don't travel much..too hard to get any work done on the move.

I have only told about 1% of our story and shown 1% of our photos and 1% of our video because that is just impossible to lives at a much faster pace than one can write about it.

So I want to and a lot of people want to hear more about the places I haven't told about or finished telling about or advice I have learned that may help.

Thus I share some of those stories to mix it up a bit and catch up. I love this photo of Jordan and these thoughts. In a way it does also relate to here...because we enjoy wandering here too.

Plus, it also allows me to blog ahead and gives me more time to enjoy my life in the present.

I just can't stay up late ( sometimes writing all night) while my beloveds sleep. I think that habit certainly didn't support my health. I just turned 60 and my health demands that I give my self a only a short time to work online.

I am retired after all and blog for fun. No one is paying me for all this work..even the top travel bloggers and writers make peanuts.

I hear all the time how we have inspired and helped others, so I continue to do it for that and to keep a record for my child.

You can't please all the people all the time and every body has their own idea of what they want from the blog.

Some want more food posts, some want more education posts, some want more videos, some want more on language learning, some want more guide advice, some want to hear about homeschool, some want to hear about schools, some want to hear about early retirement etc etc etc.

I try to meet everyone's wishes the best I can, but I am just one little human. I don't have interns or hired help or guest writers etc like so many travel blogs. ALL the details of blogging ( FB, Twitter, Youtube, answering comments, answering emails, etc etc fall on my head) and there is only so much time in a day.

Lots of travel bloggers just put up a picture most of the time. That would be a LOT easier for me, but when I see that, I always want to know more...the how and why and what you were thinking then etc.

So to keep my sanity and allowing me to have a non-blogging, unplugged life... I find shorter posts interspersed with longer ones and more details of past travel interspersed with what is happening best for me and serves the majority of my audience.

Things change. I am a not the person I was in 2006 when we started. The blog is always evolving..trying to meet your ( and EVERYONE's) needs and MY needs.

I hear your point of view, but I hope you can also understand mine.

We are in a long stay here now in Asia for kidlet's Mandarin, so that affects things too...we're not out touring every day. We'll do stories about the interesting things or advice like my ongoing series of finding an home here...and our short trips around Asia...but the day to day here is a lot of just normal life...and not blog worthy.

So yet another reason to use this time to catch up with stories of other between the immersion updates.
Oh dear, this is a blog post instead of a comment. ;)

Look at it this way, you are not missing following us on our journey, we are just doing it a little bit different now..some of recent stuff and some about important stories from the past. I must write for people who have read every post and some who just arrive with the latest...and everything in between So I try to span that some with links because our blog has grown so big from all this writing as we roam.

I will try to do better!

Melissa Read (readontheroad

I too miss the immeadiacy of your first few touring years but I know from painful experience it's impossible to keep up- you start living immersed in the blog instead of the real world, which pretty much defeats the purpose. When and if you get time to turn all the blog posts and pictures into a book (maybe an Ebook on DVD?) I will be in line to buy, I have loved following all the adventures and reliving some of our time in Europe. I certainly cannot fault you for putting your health and your family life before the blog- you have your priorities straight! Best of luck keeping up with what you can.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Melissa for your support and understanding. I love the blog and can understand Denise's point, but, as you know, keeping up a blog while traveling or just keeping up with photos DOES impact living in the now.

All I can do is the best I can. I might try having one post a week be a running kind of "post card" of our current life.

The problem of course, is always balancing the time. ;)

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