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April 05, 2012


Is environmental education and ecological literacy for creating a sustainable world important for today's student? Can eco ed, green kids change the world? Our homeschooled and world schooled 11 year old eco-friendly child has a passion for environmental issues, ( probably learned much through our real world traveling lifestyle on 5 continents and minimalist style). So she was thrilled to have won the opportunity to speak at the Earth Hour celebrations at her Mandarin school in Asia, reading a powerful poem in front of thousands.

I am proud of her interest in this important topic and gifts as a public speaker to move and inspire others. Last year she won the English Elocution contest giving a speech she wrote about taking care of the environment, ( we returned too late for her to enter this year)  but this environmental poem assignment they gave to many students in the 1000 kid high school to compete to read it and she and a 16 year old boy from Indonesia  happily won the spots for public speaking.

I am also proud of the effort that the school puts into environmental education. They put a lot of work into creating a lovely program for Earth Day and Earth Hour.



The kids are from Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia ( and our lone Caucasian kidlet) and the school is in the developing world, so it's gratifying to see this important environmental message valued and passed on to all the children.



Malaysia is a three culture country, due to it's rich history with kids and teachers at the school from many different religious backgrounds as well. Yet, everyone was included.


Mozart looks a bit nervous just before she goes on the stage, but she actually loves public speaking or singing, despite any butterflies. She has actually been like that from babyhood. Last year she sang a solo on Earth Day before thousands without ever having sung in public before.

Do you believe in environmental education? What ways do you or your school help kids of all ages become greener and more aware of our limited resources on our beloved planet? Will eco educated kids help heal our world? How can we support them?

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I tried to leave this comment on YT (her latest video), but for some strange reason I could not post it. So, here it is.

Mozart, it is amazing that at your age you have absolutely no stage fright and are able to speak with such an ease before thousands of people. It is impressive indeed. Your poem was beautiful and your forceful delivery was the perfect complement to its powerful verses. You are already a global citizen of the world, not only because you have been privileged to see the world, but because you care about this planet more than most adults. Great job and keep it up. You make not just your parents proud, but all of us who know you or know of you. I have no doubt you will be one to make a difference in this world. Thanks to you and your parents for the inspiration.


Today's children will change the world! Mozart is seeing first hand the interconnection of this beautiful planet of ours. What a profound impact that is sure to have on her choices that make up her own carbon footprint someday.

Life stateside on the edge of a nature preserve daily reminds my own little tribe to respect Mother Nature.

A very Happy Easter, Jeanne...from my family to yours!

ps -- How is the research coming along for France?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks so much Violeta for the kind words...and I see it did show up on Youtube too! Mozart is blushing and appreciates this so much!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I so agree with you @Hullsedge and it seems we have much in common, so I am glad you found us! Today's children will change the world!

Happy Easter to you and yours too! It was lovely here and I just wrote a quick post as the day is done here and my beloveds are asleep now...Mom's quiet hour. ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh, @hullsedge..forgot to answer....I've got time to dream about France and have good friends there. We will probably mostly play it by ear as we know quite a few great places there already.

I am always dreaming about travel and other ideas, but at the moment my mind is more on Mandarin and settling in here..grasping more of our health goals, catching up with blog duties etc. Might even make some headway on my book.

I will be posting more on France though as there are many stories and places there that I haven't gotten to yet. And as I look at the photos and videos ..I know I will be thinking of France. ;)

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