Healthy Easter in Asia

April 08, 2012

adorable healthy Easter treat

Happy Easter from tropical Asia! Since we are sticking to our healthy organic eating on the road, we managed to find some fun ways to celebrate Easter with our child doing superfood healthy treats.

organic raw chocolate fudge treat

That is a free-range pastured egg deviled with home made organic mayonnaise plus added organic Asian greens, olives and organic carrot. I made the chocolate treat out of organic raw cocoa, cold pressed organic coconut oil, raw honey, goji berry for the heart, bananas and organic walnuts. Mozart adored waking up to both surprises! Fast, easy, creative, delicious and super healthy...right up my alley.

tumeric dyed easter eggs

At the last minute I looked up ways to dye eggs naturally from things you have in the pantry. The only thing we had that would work was tumeric, so we dyed all of our eggs golden! After breakfast, Mozart enjoyed a little Easter Egg hunt around the house.

Later we will make more of those little chicks for an evening snack...craft project and healthy snack all in one.

Gorgeous double rainbow

We've been blessed with some amazing rainbows this week. The days are almost always sunny here, but often around dinner time there is a quick shower as things cool down. This was a double rainbow yesterday and more glorious than my camera can catch!

peaceful cruising Adaman Sea


Often at dinner time there is a white cruise ship that ambles by and sometimes as the sun sets it's lights go on. There is a great peace looking out over the Andaman Sea, can you feel it?

When I watch the sail boats, I day dream about our goal of learning to sail while here.

sailing in Asia

I must admit I do miss our Easters in Spain as their "Semana Santa" is perhaps the best place in the world to celebrate Easter, but we're enjoying the laid back family time. It's our 2nd Easter here and since it is an Islamic country it's not a big celebration  ( although there are quite a few Christians as well..we saw lots out with palms last Sunday).

view from my kitchen

I love the simple pleasures here like how the wind whips up and blows my curtains around while I watch the view and cut up things for dinner.

colorful papaya

I often cut up a papaya for breakfast when I make my smoothie ( those are organic prune pits I use them as well). I thought jeesh, even the colors of my garbage is photogenic. Tropical life agrees with me in many ways.

Yum! Salmon cooking

We had really scrumptious salmon for our Easter Dinner, something we have quite often here as it is cheap, healthy and  delicious. I just cook it with a little coconut oil and braggs aminos and it is done in minutes.

raw organic salad

Ymmy salad with all organic ingredients and home made dressing! We had organic brown basmati rice too which I soaked overnight first which is the nourishing traditions way for healthier eating and a big hit with my family as it is as nutritious as brown rice is, but soaking it makes it taste like perfect white rice.

full moon

Oh my, how was this full moon in your part of the world? It was breathtakingly gorgeous here these last few nights, but alas my camera can't really capture it.

full moon in Penang

So much beauty everywhere..the rainbows, the moon, the I am feeling very grateful and blessed. Hoping this love fills your life too!

Easter art project

We love how our travel lifestyle and minimalist living ways, increase our creativity and fun. Mozart and DaVinci are making an awesome playhouse for her playmobiles out of the box that our new desks came in. Reminds me of the huge one they did in Spain when she was 6 or the large car they made last year. More details about that later, but it's been part of our Easter week delights as we work together and Mozart happily hums along as she creates.

making Easter gift..doll house

We are a day ahead, so will call family tomorrow, our Monday and their Easter Sunday. Luckily, our church does a wonderful Easter Service at the beach and has it "live  streaming" on the internet, so we will be able to join in with them ( as it works for our time zone).

Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.  ~Charles M. Crowe

Happy, Happy Easter! What has brought you pleasure during this Easter week, Passover, spring?

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love the first picture. And the rainbow, of course.

Here's some directions a friend posted on FB. No idea if it works.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks @Marlana and Happy Easter to you! I actually got the little chick out of a deviled egg from someone on FB..perfect surprise for Mozart. ;)

Yes, those dyes are similar to what I found online and I have done them before...but alas we just had 1 in the golden it was. LOL

You can tell I don't plan too far ahead. ;)

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