Secure Public WiFi? Data Protection and Travel? Best VPN? Witopia Review

May 16, 2012

Safe Public Wifi? Best have a VPN even traveling to a beach!


With so many free Wi-Fi hot spots around the world, from McDonald's and Starbucks to neighborhood cafes and campgrounds, the convenience makes it is easy to forget that it's not safe and you may be putting yourself and your computer at risk.


More and more people are using these handy public outlets at home and during travel abroad, without realizing the security risks because these free Wi-Fi options are unsecured networks. Today, hackers or anyone can take advantage with public Wi-Fi ( even those with elaborate passwords and screening) quickly stealing your data, passwords, account information and more.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep your data private, safe and protected, whether you are using free Wi-Fi hot spots at home or any where in the world. For world traveling, digital nomads like us who live a paperless, minimalist, travel  lifestyle, this is crucial.

I am not a geek and know little on this topic, but it was effortless to find the best way to do this. Over and over again, from various experts I read that a high quality VPN was the single most important step to take to stay safe.

"Perhaps the easiest - and most reliable - method for ensuring your use of a public wifi hotspot doesn't result in compromised data during your session is to use a known, respected commercial VPN service." Wired



Next, we researched which was the very best VPN to use. Again, over and over, we kept seeing the same answer..Witopia. It was voted the best and  most popular VPN service according to Lifehacker readers. If you check out Best VPN Reviews, you will find a plethora of raves from happy users from around the world, (many multi-year users, including plenty from China and other challenging countries) rating it 5 stars for reliability, price, speed and support.

So 3 years ago we bought Witopia and loved it. Witopia VPN was one of our wisest choices in 6 years of travel. They have a great unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, truly amazing customer service with 24x7x365 live chat support and a fantastic, well-priced product that we have been very happy with. So happy, that two years ago we approached them about being sponsors for us as we thought it was a product our readers would enjoy too.

A family world trip or being a international road warrior can mean challenging Wi-Fi conditions like in Paris, London, Austrailia, Dijon ..often places you wouldn't expect it to be so slow, expensive or non-existent. Out of 44 countries on 5 continents, the USA has the best internet by far. The VPN works optimally when the connection signal has good stength and is consistent.


Alas, with my travel health issues, I am very late getting this important information to you, but I hope you find it useful at home and when you travel. Generously, Witopia is offering a discount to our readers, so if you choose to sign up at Witopia now, you can enter the discount code: soultravelers3 ( all lower case) at check out for 10% discount on an already great deal!

Hurry though, this discount is only good until June 15th!

Do you use a VPN at home or when you travel and use free Wi-Fi hotspots?







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I always use free wireless when I travel! I never even thought about it! There are times that I have even made purchases and such while using free wifi!

Thanks for this enlightening article!

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