Awesome Sunset

May 25, 2012

amazing sunset

One of the great pleasures of life and our trip around the world is viewing amazing sunsets and sunrises in so many different locations. The ones here in our Penang apartment, give me joy almost every day. I have taken so many photos of them that I think I could almost do a blog just about sunrises and sunsets.

We are wishing our American friends and family a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We've had some fun ones roadtripping Europe and Spain, now this is our first in Asia. It feels like a holiday here too because Mozart just finished her exams at her Mandarin School and now has two weeks off and DaVinci's birthday always falls near this holiday.

We thought about doing a little trip, but my travel health issues remain and I am on such a restricted diet, it would be too hard right now, but hopefully soon. We will make it to see Men in Black 3 and Mozart has loads of plans with her friends, including many karoke get-togethers at the mall.

What are your plans this weekend and holiday?

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Some of my favorite sunsets were in Tel Aviv - the sun reflects off the buildings with a light that makes them look like they're made of gold!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks for the reminder Shayna of Israel! On my first visit to Jerusalem many years ago we arrived at sunset and I was moved to tears it was so beautiful.

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