Beautiful Bird in the Florida Keys

May 07, 2012

beatiful bird in Florida Keys

Wow, I loved this beautiful bird that was just sitting at the dock as I walked by in Key Largo, Florida when we stopped there to swim with dolphins. Bird watching is a popular activity in the Florida Keys as it is one of the top destinations in the world for bird fans and we can see why.

Learning about animals as we travel the world as a family is one of the many ways we use our travel as education. We were at Dolphin Plus to swim with dolphins as we did in Portugal, which was an amazing experience in itself but the birds also reminded us of the exciting bird sanctuaries we visited in France and one in Portugal.

Birds are very much a special part of our round-the -world family trip and give us much joy, like every morning here where they wake us with the beautiful dawn over the Andaman sea as they did in Spain at the Meditterainian sea. In Tuscany, babies in a nest charmed us, the birds overwhelmed us in San Marcos in Venice and awed us in France's famous theme park Puy du Fou as they did in the UK shows.

Do you love birds too? How do they impact your every day life or travel life?


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We love seeing birds and often include them while we travel. We will look up the various birds we see, or learn about them as we do various tours.

My favorite 'bird experience' was in Scotland when we went to Bass Rock and saw about 140,000 gannets! Incredible!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Lovely, Dana! Happy to see we are not the only ones who love bird and nature and find it yet another opportunity to learn!! ;)

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