Euro 2012 - Who Are You Rooting For?

June 22, 2012

Our Spanish speaking American kid roots for Spain for football's Euro 2012

Europeans are wild about football, or what we Americans call soccer, and it is also a huge sport here in Asia where the Euro 12 is hyped heavily even on our Mandarin TV station. It was pretty thrilling when we got to watch Spain win the World Cup in Barcelona, a memory we will always cherish.

We spend a lot of time in our favorite Barcelona beach resort and all the boys are crazy for football so matches go on constantly from the kids clubs to adults with male and female teams. Even babies practice!  The most popular kid outfit by far is what Mozart is wearing in this photo..the enormously loved Barca team shirt.

Her Barcelona best friend had one, so of course she had to have one too. Our local friends told us the cheapest place to buy was at the Barcelona airport, so that is where we got it. Mozart wouldn't take it off so wore it on our flight to Germany and then on to Florida.

Alas, we travel the world VERY light, so we didn't have room to bring it with us to Asia ( Mozart had used her Xmas money to buy a few clothes in California at her fave shop), so this treasured souvenir is packed away safely at Grandma's beach house.

 Who are you rooting for?

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I am German, so I am rooting for Germany! :)
Though it's gonna be tough from now on - facing Italy and (most likely) Spain after that, if they win. So looking forward to the games!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

That makes perfect sense Inger! Certainly tons of enthusiasm about it in Europe!!

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