Old Media is Dying? A Photo Essay

June 10, 2012

Old Media...Grandma and grandchild reading the Sunday paper

I think there is clearly no doubt that old media is dying, but I am really glad my child got to experience the joys of reading the paper with her Grandmother every day when we were in California this fall.

One day when she was playing when we first arrived in Penang , she quickly made her own newspaper for the fun of it.

Since my 84 year old Mother is a die-hard newspaper fan ( but yes, she is on Facebook and knows how to Skype like a pro) I have to share Mozart's little newspaper because it will tickle her. Funny what kids pick up when you don't even notice.

kids newspaper

kids advice column























They all cracked me up, but especially the crime page! Yes, they do have such a page in our local small town paper and apparently it made quite an impression on our 11 year old. I didn't even know she had seen it.  I hope this gives you a Sunday morning giggle too!




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