Serene Azure Andaman Sea

June 30, 2012

Stunning Andaman Sea

This tranquil photo of the stunning  blue Andaman Sea which is part of the Indian Ocean (around the coasts of Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and India)  was taken from my terrace in Penang.

Our screenless windows and doors here in our lovely abode on the equator are open all day and again all night as we sleep ( after a period of having them closed when lights are on in the evening hours)  and the sea brings fresh breezes to our home-in- a -highrise-tower in Asia, so we have never used air conditioning here. The ever whirling ceiling fans and sea breezes maintain a cool temperature in our Penang condo home most of the time,  despite it being quite hot and humid in the heat of the day out in the sun.

We find ourselves often going out on the terrace and taking in the splendid views or watching construction progress below as buisness is booming in this part of the world. I am quite impressed with the workers out in the sun all day, seven days a week. Quick, short tropical showers or lightning shows and rainbows are part of life here, but mostly it is equatorial, healing sun.

In the two years that we have been here ( 7 months last year and 5 months this year so far) we haven't seen anything like a monsoon season that one reads about in SE Asia. Surprisingly quite different than what I hear from friends in nearby Thailand. It is quite lovely in the early morning, so that is when I do my walks and exercise.

Mostly it is sun, day in and day out and no daylight savings time or long summer days and short winter ones.  The sun seems to rise at the same time and set so regularly, like the call to prayer from the nearby mosques, that one can set your clocks to it.

And always the serene, azure Andaman Sea that imparts a dreamy, etherial quality to life here.

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