Healthy Snacks For Kids

July 11, 2012

yummy, healthy snacks for kids

Whether you are at home or traveling, a mom has to be handy in having healthy snacks at the ready for kids who are always hungry. We've been on an extreme health kick lately, so we are making sure ALL of our snacks are super healthy. We are also on a tight budget, so we use our creativity and choose mostly locally grown organic food.

Our tween daughter had some of her your teen school mates over the other day for a study project and I fixed these platter which were a hit. Pastured boiled eggs, organic cherry tomatoes, carrots, green beans, oranges, pineapple and almonds. They disappeared quickly and everyone liked them.

I also served organic popcorn with organic grass fed butter ( from New Zealand) topped with celtic sea salt. When kidlet goes to the movies, she brings along her own bag of it and it's one of her favorite snacks. Her friends love it too and say it's the best popcorn they have ever had.

Tropical fruit is cheap and popular here too like mango, passion fruit, bananas as well as things like coconut, water melon or even green tea with raw honey. We make fudge out of raw cacoa, honey and coconut oil for a decadent treat , kefir with fruit smoothies and popsicles from various fruits.

Toasted seaweed is a popular snack here and kidlet loves my lacto -fermented salsa and salads. She also loves the yummy goat cheese I make out of kefir and the Catalon inspired sprouted toast that I smear with tomatoes and garlic before spreading the goat cheese on them.

What are your favorite snacks for kids? Do you have a fussy eater like me?

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Very interesting, some great ideas. Love the presentation of the 2 snacks.
I have a very fussy 6 year old who is very reluctant to try new food. We are trying to switch to more healthier food too.

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