Paris Chic Street Style

July 02, 2012

Paris shopping chic

Fashion wise, you see a bit of everything in Paris. I love just wandering the streets and many different neighborhoods of Paris, people watching and architechtual gazing.

We tend to wear a lot of black, even our world traveling fashionista, so we always feel at home when we visit Paris. Black is a good year-round basic for most cities in Europe. I've been wearing the same black travel "uniform" for 6 years now and love how this minimalism makes my life easy and lets us pack ultra light on our family world trip.

I think the three guys in the photo are tourists, but the girl looks like a Parisian and the shop looks adorable, don't you think? So French! Do you recognize which neighborhood it is? What do you shop for in Paris? We mostly browse for fun or buy a few souvenirs for kidlet.

I've actually been mistaken for a Parisian several times in Paris, which always shocks me. People asking me for directions in French. Oh my. Perhaps they need glasses. At any rate, it stroked my ego a bit, even if it did seem strange. How flatterning to be mistaken for a Parisian.

Paris on a beautiful day is a remarkable place and one of our favorites on this planet. How about you?  Are you a Francofile or Paris lover?

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Betty in virginia

I always enjoy these little flashbacks of yours.

I do hope your health continues to improve.

And what is a typical day for your famliy there in Penang?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks Betty! We have so many wonderful memories and photos, so I enjoy sharing them.

My health continues to improve, but alas I am not 100% yet, but I think I've got a routine that is creating steady healing. Sooo many lessons in this.

Our life is pretty laid back here like my last post..Serene Azure Andaman Sea!

I relax a lot and work on my healing through meditation, etc and am enjoying researching about health and doing lots of fermenting and new ways of eating like making smoothies, juicing, making homemade tortillas, cheese and salsa etc.

There is always work to be done on the blog and I am perpetually behind. LOL

It's always an adventure here going out and I usually bring my camera with me and am now encouraging DaVinci to do it as well as he goes out more than me as our hunter and gatherer. ;)

I think we are all feeling very homey here mostly..taking this time to heal and get kidlets Mandarin. The highlight of our day is when she gets home from school and we usually come up with some weekend fun or watching movies together here on our big screen TV which is quite a luxury for us.

Simple pleasures mostly!


I love Paris and almost anything French, esp their joie de vivre, soaps, chic hair cuts, fine lingerie, pastries, lavender fields, foie gras, Patricia Kaas songs, Catherine Deneuve movies ... I can go on forever. Not crazy about the xenophobic attitude and their bureaucracy. My favorite shops in Paris are Alice Cadolle next to the Louvre and Parapluies Simon, not too far from the Sorbonne, I always visit them. Browsing though antique shops like the one pictured here or the book antiquaires on Quai Voltaire along the Seine is also mandatory for me. And sipping a violet/purple Martini at George V while writing postcards in their bar and watch people come and go. Ah, you made me nostalgic about living there ... If it wouldn't be so expensive, an apartment in Paris' 16 arrondissement and a chateaux in Provence would be my favorite places to call residences ...

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I am with you Violeta! Of course, France is a bit harder for us because we don't speak French..still photos like this always make me a bit "homesick" for it. ;)

I think there are places in the south of France where one can live quite cheaply. We are looking forward to a long stay at some point so kidlet can become fluent in French...she is really looking forward to that ...and French ( because of her fluency in Spanish) should be a LOT easier for her than the Mandarin. ;)

Travel to Paris

I am a Francophile and I do like Paris, but I have very unpleasant experiences with Parisian people... But that's not the point, the point is everything French is great... although I find their high inclination to wear black a little strange. :)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Tee hee TtP,

My first trip to Paris I did not care for Parisians, but I've grown very fond of them these last 40 years and I think they seem much more mellow this time around ( after 2006).

When I first went to Paris, 40 years ago, NO one would speak English to you even if they knew it, now it is easy for English in Paris.

I like black! ;) They wore lots of scarves 40 years ago and still do...but then so does most of Europe. ;)

France is great indeed and the French people can be fascinating! ;)


Madame Jeanne--I have the pleasure of writing to you from the edge of the Eiffel Tower! Spectacular fireworks last night. Our "slow" summer in the heart of France and in Paris has been magnificent.

I speak French and have been using it exclusively. So I'm sure that helps...but I can honestly, very honestly, say that we have had not a single "rude Parisian" experience, Quite the opposite actually.

Sign me up for Team Mozart. Time to go to France, la famille de SoulTravelers!!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So happy to hear you are having a wonderful time Hulls Edge!

I think the French have changed greatly since I first visited Paris in the 70's...we've never fun into a rude Parisian since we began our travels. Also so many more speak English which helps me a lot! ;)

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