Singing Karaoke in Asia

July 30, 2012

Having a ball singing Karaoke in Asia

Have you heard that Asia is obsessed with Karaoke singing? It is very popular entertainment all over Asia and my daughter's teen and tween friends like to get together to sing. 11 year old Mozart has a passion for singing, so this is right up her alley.

Who knew this would be a great addition to her Mandarin school in Asia and a study tool for learning Mandarin in a fun way? We're happy to find another fab tool to help her be a global citizen. This way she can practice her singing and Mandarin at the same time.

Sometimes just she and I ( or one friend) go to a place at the mall nearby which has sound proof rooms. She loves songs like "I will always love you" or anything by Selena Gomez, Adele or Lady Gaga,( she even knows a few Korean pop songs), but our agreement is that she will sing mostly Mandarin Pop songs.

My blond cutie singing Karaoke in Asia

Have you ever done Karaoke in Asia? Have you ever used it or songs as a learning tool?

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Catherine Kolodin

We just did it here in Hangzhou, such fun!


Bonjour Jeanne !! Bit off topic question: How often does Mozart have her hair cut? What are her favorite hair products? (My daughter's hair is quite similar) Fraulein Mozart's long locks are so lovely!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh that is sweet Catherine! I don't think there is a place in Asia where you can't do Karaoke ;)

It's more fun that I thought!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

We don't cut here hair at any certain time...just when it starts looking like it needs this pic. LOL

Until recently, we just bought what ever was on sale as her hair is very easy to take care of ..just the perfect thickness ( not too thick like her dads or too thin like mine) and she has a little wave like both her parents so can go straight or curly easy.

Now that we are on a health kick, we are doing all natural methods and I will write about it soon, but basically just baking soda to wash and vinegar to rinse.

Amazingly cheap, easy and best for hair!!

I was surprised to find out what negative health things were in shampoo, creme rinse and various beauty products, so we've gone to all natural do it yourself options...the body absorbs MUCH through the skin/scalp.


Incredible! Unbelievable! I can't wait to read all about it in an upcoming post. Your health journey now encompasses your whole life...from tip to toe. :-) Please do share more!

It would be darling to hear Mozart singing along to the karaoke. Asian nations delightfully embrace singing...something I don't want my own kids to become too "self-aware" to do. Singing is such a joyful activity!

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