Sun For It's Health Benefits

July 04, 2012


The sun has been worshipped by many cultures for eons due to it's healing benefits and therapuetic powers. Yet, we've all been so corporate-media drenched with information about the harms of the sun, that it is easy to forget that there are so many healing benefits from the sun.

Every one does seem to agree that sun burning is harmful and that sun healing must be done with moderation and thoughtfulness. In all my recent research on travel and health and eating healthy food, I keep coming across recommendations about getting some sun daily or even sun gazing and thankfully, tropical Asia is an easy place to do this year round.

Today there is an epidemic of people with low Vt D and 75% or more of American teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D. I was very surprised to discover through a recent  blood test in California, that  I was one (because I have a year round slight suntan since I get some just by walking outside in sunny places),  although I never purposely tan and rarely go out in the sun during the hottest hours. Older people, over weight people, Hispanic and Blacks are at a much higher risk for low Vt D that can cause all kinds of degenerative diseases from Cancer to Osteoporosis.

Some of the health problems you may suffer if you don't get enough vitamin D from the sun:

1) Breast cancer
2) Tooth Decay and Periodontal disease
3) Diabetes
4)Colon cancer
5) Ovarian cancer
6) Osteoporosis
7) High blood pressure
8) Heart Disease
9) Multiple Sclerosis
10) Prostate cancer
11) Psoriasis
12) Tuberculosis
13) Rickets


Some say sunscreen is dangerous and give you cancer instead of protect you, so it's something we rarely use. Luckily Mozart has the skin type that never burns ( more like her Dad and blond Aunt Julie, than her fairer, freckled Mom), so we just usually use shade in the strong sun hours. I got a minor skin cancer in my 30's ( most likely from a childhood bad burn) which makes me very aware of the dangers.

I can't find Vt D here in Penang and have run out, so I am purposely getting sun now. At first I was doing it for 15 minutes a day on my terrace in the early morning, but I've since read that even in tropical climates, it's best to get your dialy 10/15 minutes around noon. Thus, I will try that for a while and hopefully find some lab here where I can keep an eye on my Vitamin D level. Some call it an essential hormone rather than a vitamin. I will never "bake" in it like some of those deeply brown tanned folks we see in Europe, but I am up for using this natural remedy to boost our health.

What do you think..sun or no sun?

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Sorry, but why on EARTH would you gaze at the sun?! I mean unless you want to destroy your retinas of course, in that case go ahead.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh I hear ya, Yvette and was not recommending it, but just giving the link and information.

I had never heard of sun gazing until recently and apparently there are many who have been doing it for many years with some amazing results.

Sun gazing is actually an ancient art that is over 2500 years old, but clearly one needs to be very informed before doing it.

My understanding is it's not about staring at the sun for hours mid day, but a very careful approach done just at sunrise or sunset in a particular way starting at just 5 or 10 seconds at a time. It appears to affect the pineal gland they say.

I'd check out that website deeply to find out more ( he seems to be the world expert on the topic and as you can see there are people doing it in many countries, some for many years who rave about how it has helped them.

Look up a scientist-engineer named Vinny Pinto who has also been a sun gazer and raw food eater for many years and has written about it.

Since allopathic medicine was no use what so ever to my illness and made me worse, I am looking into natural things and having much more success.

I am not big on "conventional wisdom" ( considering prescription drugs are the number 3 killer in the USA..meds taken as prescribed by a doctor) but willing to carefully look at other ways of doing things.

Conventional wisdom is that raw eggs are harmful, but many societies have been doing that daily for centuries without problems. Conventional wisdom is that raw milk is bad for you, but the Mayo clinic not too long ago used it as a cure and they still do that in Germany. Conventional wisdom is that vaccines are good for you, yet auto immune diseases and autism are at epic proportions ( "coincidentally' rising as the number of vaccines do).

My illness has helped me open my mind to new ways of thinking that in the past I never would have looked deeper into.

I am not doing sun gazing but if done correctly it *sounds* interesting and not dangerous..but I need to do more research on it before I would commit to it. Clearly something that would need deep research and the risks weighed.

I probably look at the sun for more than 10 seconds though when I take my daily sunrise photos ...with no problems....and I've gazed at many a setting sun/sun rise over my 60 years and still have perfect sight. ;)

I've been doing the 10 minutes a day in the sun now for about a week and I think it is helping me. I think I will soon go down to doing that just 3 times a week.

I definitely do NOT gaze at the sun then! ;)

Funny, that with all the info and links here, that you would notice that one. Perhaps the concept is new to you too.

Good to learn something new every day! ;)

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