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July 20, 2012

Visiting Andorra - beautiful views and stone houses

Andorra is a tiny country wedged between France and Spain in the Pyrenees known in Europe primarily for it's skiing, shopping and off-shore  banking. Few Americans visit Andorra, unfortunately, since it has some of the most dramatic scenery and best skiing and hiking in the Pyrenees.

Andorra is just a short drive from Barcelona (  202 km away) and a pleasant drive in summer time. It's also just 128 km from Perpignan, France, but the hairpin turns from that direction makes it a more challenging drive ( especially in a motorhome).  One can easily take a bus from Barcelona, although we have not tried that yet.

Andorra is not part of Schengen, but we have not been stopped at the border crossing ( like we have been in other countries like Ireland, Montenegro etc). Andorra La Vella is the main city and the traffic can be very bad as many Europeans come here for duty free shopping.

But most of the country roads are charming with beautiful mountain vistas and views. Andorra is rich in history and the entire country is built almost entirely out of stone. Tourism is the main industry and it's a pleasant place to vacation with good camping and hotels.

Have you been to Andorra? What was your favorite part?

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Small but beautiful place..Thanks for posting.

Nomas solosen

You have given a very brief description of Andorra. Although this brief one is enough to inspire a person to visit Andorra. Can you post a detailed description about it?

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