Exercise and Travel: How To Stay Fit While Traveling

August 01, 2012

exercise and travel - how to get in shape on the road

Can you stay in shape easily while traveling the world? Absolutely! My beloved husband DaVinci is in the best shape he has ever been in and that is partly BECAUSE of our travel lifestyle these last 7 years.  He is one of the few almost 60 year old men that I know who has no belly fat, a full head of hair and on no medication what so ever.

We believe in travel health and eating an organic diet while we travel as much as possible. One has to stay more concientious to keep up with healthy food and travel, but it can be done even cheaply in  Europe and everywhere.

Most of the places we stay on our family world tour have great exercise rooms ,saunas, pools etc. for free. I use them, but he doesn't care to very often. He gets his exercise the way most people who live long lives do ( as studies show), just by living an active life.

Our travel lifestyle has us do a LOT more walking than we did at home and we really like that. We purposely do most of our travel at ground level...walking, hiking, biking, using mass transit. Even when we are motorhoming Europe, we are mostly parked, so using these methods. Add backpacks and groceries and you've got some weight training added to the aerobics!

Staying fit while traveling

We could easily buy a motorcycle or car when based in Asia as many do and they are cheap, but we enjoy the cultural and exercise value of not having such. Yes, it is often harder, schlepping groceries and supplies this way, but there is something instrinsinctly enjoyable about this positive choice, like eating real organic food ( which also tends to take longer for prep and such). We very rarely eat street food or junk food.

It is all part of our slow travel lifestyle that we find more enriching. We wound up using my Mom's car a lot while in California recently, and that was a good reminder of how much we don't want that life every day any more. DaVinci definitely felt his fitness level drop their even though he still tried to walk some.

This is a fun, upbeat aerobic video from Youtube that I use some times as a portable workout if needed. I play it a few times and add some moves and exercises on my own. I can even do this in our motorhome if we are stuck in the rain for a few days and Mozart enjoys it too. Often we all just dance around the house for fun.

They say if you sit less than three hours a day, one lives two years longer, so we try to do this and we almost never watch television, but do watch movies as a treat usually on weekends. To prevent bloggers butt, I have been doing more standing up while online. It is hard to write like that, but it works for other online tasks.

What do you do to stay fit when you travel?

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Meg | One Love Meg

Whenever we get to a new city I like to go for a run. It's a great way to see the city, and you are getting a work out in at the same time. I've been a bit lazy since getting to Paris. We have walked everywhere which is great but have yet to run. Maybe today!


That's so awesome to hear how you keep active while traveling. It's been similar for my husband and me. We both gained quite some weight in our first year of marriage. In our 2nd we started traveling and lost all of that extra weight in the first 6 months. Today at Gurney Plaza mall we tried one of their weight, height pulse and body fat measures and realized we are still losing weight, both almost back to high-school numbers. All the while eating well, though we find we sack a lot less. It's all about an active life-style with walking and bus-ing almost everywhere.

amruta @

Yes, now a days healthy food and exercise both are very important things. These things are very important to keep you active while traveling. Usually i go to morning walk & then i do some exercises on my own. I avoid to eat fast foods.


*snack (oops;)


I believe that walking and cycling are the de-rigour ways to sight-see and keep fit on holiday. You can aim for destinations that are truly aimed at walkers such as the Hadrian's Wall walk in Northumberland, UK without being a specialist hiker. At our holiday home in Cyprus we choose to cycle a lot because coastal destinations are often flat therefore easier! Bicycle hire is cheap, easy and fun and we love it for getting about at a pace that is just that bit quicker than walking without losing any feelings of freedom and discovery.

Amy Scott

Great post! I'm impressed that you're able to keep so fit; I find it's a struggle for me while traveling.

During our current wanderings in the U.S., I'm finding a few culprits: too much car travel (as you mentioned), wanting to eat all the foods I miss when I'm abroad, and having a "vacation" mentality. You can eat whatever you want when you're on vacation for a week or two, but when travel is part of your full-time lifestyle, it doesn't work so well!

I'm getting back on track by being sure I do a lot of walking wherever we are to offset the hours at the computer and the long car trips between destinations.

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