Huge Iguana on Tropical Rainforest Hike

August 10, 2012

Amazing green Iguana in tropical forest

As we hiked up a hill trail, through this dense canopy of tropical plants with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world below us, we spotted this huge Iguana watching us. No, it was not in South  America, French Polynesia or tropical Asia, but near Key West, at Bahia Honda State Park. We often forget that the USA has some tropical areas.

It was one of my favorite camping places in childhood, and still remains a gem, so I was very happy to share this moment with my family on our world tour during our stay in Florida.  The Silver Palm Nature Trail there has a profusion of unique and diverse tropical plants and the largest grove of the rare Silver Palms in the USA.

Imagine being there with this Iguana and those classic Key views of the azure sea and glistening white  beach below. Takes one back to another time and era. Spending time in nature and many eco-environments for learning,  has been one of the many blessings of our world trip.

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Nice post.
We are luck here in The House in the Woods, we live right on the edge between the city and the countryside. Yesterday I did a four hours hike.....and was mostly alone all the time (photos in my blog today)

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