Kids Art - Self Portrait

August 29, 2012


 What do our kids self portraits say about them? I am not sure, but I got a big kick out of this one that our 11 year old recently did. I love the details of her Mandarin School in Asia's uniform and her books including physics in Mandarin characters. The PET book is from her English as a second language class ( which is the top level and of course she is number one in that class and we're still trying to get her out of it).

Even the socks must be regulation and has the name of the school on them and she didn't miss that detail. Sometimes I wonder how she feels as the only blond and only America in the school, but she seems pretty happy and content. This now seems normal to her and them I guess.

I love it that she is such a creative kid and am so enjoying more time with her this holiday where she is constantly creating in one way or another. Love kid's art too? Here are more posts on this topic during our world travels:

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