Little India in Georgetown, Penang

August 27, 2012


When you visit UNESCO Heritage Site, in Georgetown, Penang, don't miss colorful Little India that is near Chinatown. Indians are the third dominant culture in Malaysia and this ancient quarter is filled with everything Indian from shopping to food.

If you love exotic Indian, Chinese and Malay food, you can't beat Penang and why it's got the reputation as the best night markets in Asia.

( Our daughter is now off for two weeks, having just finished her Mid-Terms here at her Mandarin school in Penang, so I am going to try to mostly do just photo posts during this time for the armchair travelers, so that we can have more family time. I know many of you are also busy with back to school preparations, so hopefully this will be  good for all. )

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Shamis @ Gawaya Travel Blog

Malaysian cuisine combines best of India and China. By the way it's a very colorful photo of flowers.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Yep, Shamis, the food is great!

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