Polish Pierogi Festival or Munching Dumplings in Krakow

August 23, 2012

yummy Polish dumplings and colorful setting in Krakow

OMG! These dumplings were so delicious! What a wonderful and happy coincidence for us that during our trip to Karkow, that we happened to run into their famous dumpling festival that was only a block away from our lovely hotel. Indeed, Krakow is enchanting, but we didn't expect this or the lively Polish music and colorful costumes. 

I love Chinese dumplings but never had Polish Pierogi before and had no idea how scrumptious typical Polish food is. There were actually mostly locals there and we felt very fortunate to be able to sample and pig out on all kinds of dumplings.

Isn't tasting local food one of the true delights of travel?




Even better when you discover them by surprise like we did here, found cheese in Amsterdam, stand out meals Prague, reindeer meat in Sweden, and many more places.

What happy food and travel memories do you have?

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