Punting in Cambridge

August 16, 2012

Family travel fun in Cambridge on a punt

Looking for fun family travel while visiting England? Don't miss punting when you visit Cambridge as the historic college "backs" are a world famous tourist attraction and traditional way to get around.

What is punting, you ask? It's a flat-bottomed boat which is propelled by a long pole and was a pleasure craft in Edwardian times, but now is the most popular way to explore the River Cam.

Cambridge is the second oldest university in the English speaking world and it's most famous alumni is Prince Charles. We walked around for quite some time in this enchanted place, before we decided to try the punting that allowed us fabulous views of many of the famous landmarks, including the Mathematical Bridge, Bridge of Sighs, 7 colleges and the Chapel at King's College.

Of course, Mozart played her violin for our famous viral travel video ( next one, part 2 coming) and we all got to giggle because doing it in a boat on a busy river adds to the challenge. It wasn't as tricky as doing it on a gondola in Venice or “pletna” on Lake Bled, but it was hilarious trying to keep that view in the frame.

Luckily, Mozart is a good sport and we all keep our sense of humor at all times when traveling. How can you be unhappy on a sunny day in Great Britain? We had tried to do it first on the grounds, but a man in a robe kept chasing us away, which started our silly mischief-making. I can't believe it took me so long to get this story up! ( Such is the life of a travel family, more adventures than time to tell them all).

Have you gone punting on the River Cam or would you like too?

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A man in a robe kept chasing you away? Why does that sound so Harry Potterish? Hey Cambridge--Hogwarts called and they want Professor Snape back! :-)

Can't wait for the amazing sequel to the travel video!

Does Mozart continue to play violin and piano?

Ellen Smith

I love this blog! Keeping it real and fun in one of the most beautiful UK cities. Punting is such fun with a family, and you even have managed to take your musical instruments aboard! Great image's, thanks for sharing!

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