Weird Asia

August 07, 2012

weird Asia - masses of kids dancing at the mall

Is Asia a little weird? Sometimes it does feel like it's on another planet to those of us who are American or European. That's part of the enjoyment though of life in Asia. It's not all typical Malaysian scenes though, or Penang night markets, or Karaoke singing, even modern shopping is different.

One of the things that is a bit strange is just how much they love malls here. In tropical Asia, the huge malls are always crowded on the weekend, partly I suppose because they are air conditioned and the movies and goods are cheap. What's really odd is about 98% of the people shopping are Asian, the other 2% mostly Malay or Indian, yet about 98% of the advertisements use Caucasian models.

I tend to hate malls, but even I have grown fond of our visits to the malls at least once a month, often times more, to see a movie. They usually have something going on like car shows with a yellow Lamborghini or this dance marathon for kids. ( Don't even get me started on the hospital or bathroom themed restaurants..that's coming).

As the music blared and we watched this scene while shopping, peering down many floors, I thought, "yes, this is so Asia", as I  took a photo. Asia is sometimes  a bit surreal, but always entertaining.

What have you found weird about Asia?

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Mike Stankavich

I think one of the coolest places I've found in Penang was a seafood restaurant surrounded barbed wire next to an industrial park.

But yes, the mall is a whole different thing.

By the way the food at T-Bowl (the toilet bowl restaraunt) is quite good :)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh my, where was that seafood restaurant, Mike? We haven't tried the food at the toilet bowl restaurant of hospital restaurant, so thanks for the heads up! ;)

Mike Stankavich

Hi Jeanne, the seafood restaurant was called Ocean Seafood Restaurant (very original name :) in Batu Maung, near the airport. Maybe we can meet up there sometime. I'd love an excuse to go back there :)

My wife, 2 daughters and I currently live in Bayan Lepas, where I work as an expat.

I should mention that the T-Bowl we visited was the one on 2nd floor Queensbay.

Some links for the restaurant:

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