Rickshaw as Art Photo

September 25, 2012

beautiful rickshaw photo shows living art

Does art and beauty surround us and can we find it everywhere? We think so, and I've found that since I have taken up travel photography, I see it even more on our 7 year non-stop Around-the-World trip.
DaVinci has started a collection of Rickshaw photos that he takes around Penang as he walks all over UNESCO Heritage Site, Georgetown, to handle our errands.

I love them and thought you would too. Remember the coconut rickshaw photo the rickshaw in our living in Asia post, and this rickshaw photo? These are just a very few, but I will be posting more. Sometimes I wonder if I should do a series every week on the same day of rickshaw photos or if I should just do them randomly as the mood strikes. What do you prefer?

We've never taken a ride in rickshaw yet, but these do capture an essense of Asia.Do you enjoy these photos like we do?


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My first rickshaw ride was this month. It was a great way to see the hutong in Beijing.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Coolio Thane, we are headed to Beijing next, so perhaps we will get more photos there of rickshaws and maybe try a of these days.

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