Adorable Photo - Kids and Bike

September 20, 2012

adorable art - two kids on bike

Isn't this an adorable photo of two kids on a bike? One of the fabulous things about world travel is the serendipity that happens just wandering around a new place. This one was discovered walking Asia and exploring Georgetown as we do our many errands and as we get to know typical life in Asia.

Living in our rental vacation home in Penang is luxurious and the malls are big and almost first world, but when you see Asia at the ground level via walking and local buses, it's quite a sensory overloading gauntlet between the noise, wild traffic, no sidewalks or cross walks to speak of, big rats, cooking outside, stores on bikes, smells, cute funky restaurants and crowds.

I just discovered that this street art was done by a 25 year old Lithuanian named Ernest Zacharevic and he has a few works around Penang.

This work of art, made us smile. What surprise have you stumbled upon during travel that gave you joy?

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