Clan Jetties Floating Villages in Penang

September 22, 2012

Picturesque fishing boats at the Clan Jetties in Penang

Have you seen the floating village of ancient homes on stilts in the UNESCO Heritage Site city of Georgetown, Penang?

This photo was taken at the Chew Jetty which is part of the historical Clan jetties in Weld Quay. The Clan Jetties along the waterfront are traditional fishing settlements created by Chinese immigrants who share common lineage and geographic origin. This is a popular Georgetown attraction and part of Penang Heritage Trail that shows historical life in Asia.

These were created in the 19th century and sadly many have been demolished, but eight clan jetties remain today and the Chew Jetty is the best preserved and largest. All the people here are named Chew and are descendants from Xin Lin She village in Fujian Province in China.

This photograph shows the fishing boats docked and the sidewalks made of wooden planks and as you walk around you meet friendly folks who still live a traditional community lifestyle with clan-related activities.

Interestingly, the street art you see on the building, is done by the same artist that painted the fun kids on bikes installation. I just found this out and  his name is Ernest Zacharevic and he is a 25 year old Lithuania.









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