Stunningly Beautiful Dead Sea

September 24, 2012

stunningly beautiful Dean Sea photo

I didn't expect the Dead Sea to be so stunningly beautiful, but it took my breath away as we traveled to Jordan. I had actually visited and swam in the Dead Sea from the Israel side many years ago, but somehow it did not make the same impression on me as it did this time.

I am not sure if the view is better from the Jordan side, or if it is because travel in one's fifties is a deeper experience for me, than it was in my twenties or thirties. Perhaps also because I travel with a child and as a family.

gorgeous infinity pool at the Dead Sea


On this side of the shifting sands of time, I have a much more profound appreciation of the beauty in this world. When I revisit places I have been before, I see them with new eyes, mystical awe and a greater maturity. I hope it gives my multilingual child an enlighted view of the world and encourages her toward world peace solutions and sustainable living.

I am sure it helped that we stayed at an amazing resort on the Dead Sea. Our first and last stop on our Jordan trip was the Dead Sea at the beautiful Movenpick Hotel and it's a delightful place. We did the usual tourism activity of floating in the healing waters and covering ourselves in the healing mud and loved it. Perfect after a long flight from Asia or before one to Europe which was our intinerary.

family travel means enioying the spa , mud and floating at the Dead Sea


But one of the things I loved best about the Dead Sea area was just the incredibly peaceful views. In an area in the world, the Middle East, that has had unrest, like so much of our world, it was such a reminder to me that peace is always present.

"Peace is something that's always present, even when we're not aware of it. Even when things appear to us that are contradictory, peace is the quality that is the calm. It's the calm not just before the storm, but during the storm and after the storm. It's the quality that somehow things are right even when we don't realize it or we don't understand what's going on. It's not just the calm part or eye of the hurricane, but it's also when things are extremely dynamic, powerful, and changing. There's a peace in that as well." John Morton

Beautiful infinity pool with Dead Sea Views in Jordan


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Where do you find peace and beauty in unlikely places in your life or travels?

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