TIPS- The Ultimate Tahiti Vacation on a Backpacker Low Budget

September 05, 2012

gorgeous Tahiti from hammock -tips on low budget French Polynesia

Who wouldn't want to hang out on a hammock in gorgeous Tahiti at one of their top hotel resorts? We were very pleased that we managed to have a fantastic time in Tahiti while still staying on our $23 a day per person budget that we have been traveling the world on these last seven years. Still amazed that it was so cheap!

The rooms in this resort were way over our budget, but it didn't cost a thing to visit it or the several others we visited while there. Surprisingly, they were all pretty empty when we were there in the fall, so we had the places practically to ourselves. Many of the locals do this for entertainment and we were hanging out with the locals as we did couchsurfing in Moorea, Bora Bora and Papette.

Lot's of ways to save money on a trip to Tahiti. I've written a few posts on this topic:

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You don't need to spend 1000 dollars a night for a hotel room in Tahiti to enjoy it and in fact, it's so beautiful that you will spend very little time in your room. There are lots of charming and cheap lodging options, even free if you pick couch surfing. We found that the very best way to get to know this place and it's people, but when we return for a long stay we would rent a local apartment, probably in Moorea. 

Pick up a Lonely Planet guide or look online or figure it out after arrival. The resorts are set up for fantasy, but I think the more authentic areas are more rewarding.  If you must do the over-the-water bungalow thing, do it just for a night or two, preferably in Bora Bora, then get local.


Why fly from Papette to Moorea when it only costs $15 per person, takes 30 minutes via boat and is fun? Why pay up the nose for all meals, when you can just buy groceries and enjoy local baguettes and jam etc? Why not enjoy the gorgeous free beaches?  It's tropical, so seasons are not that different, thus go off season and save money. Did you know it is easy and safe to hitchhike there? We did it as a family and loved it and the cool people we met.

Like most places it just takes a little common sense and following the lead of locals ( who are not all rich) to avoid the tourism prices and enjoy this amazing destination. Tahiti has been on my bucket list for many, many years and if I had known it was this cheap, enchanting and easy, I would have made it long ago!

Is Tahiti on your bucket list?




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Just wondering what airline did u find flew there relatively cheap?

Carmen B

We traveled Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine and Bora Bora and a low budget by renting a boat and sailing ourselves... it was an epic experience!

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