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September 18, 2012

Visiting Australia and the stunning Sydney Opera House at sunset

When you travel to Australia,  a must-see for sure is to visit the stunning  world- famous Sydney Opera House. Sydney is outrageously expensive, but so beautiful on a sunny day that it was still one of our favorite cities on our 7 year non-stop family world tour.  I must write more about our time Down Under as we enjoyed the gregarious Aussie perspective and had lots of adventures.

The architecture of the Sydney Opera House is unique and exquisite and also makes it  a UNESCO World Heritage site. We stayed nearby in the historic and posh  "The Rocks"  area of Sydney, so enjoyed leisurely walks to the Opera House during the day, at sunset and in the evenings after the show..which was buzzing at the waterfront bars nearby. This was the view from our hostel at dusk.

One of the many ways that we use travel to educate our child is seeing performances around the world, so we couldn't miss a show in this venue. Both the Sydney Symphany Orchestra and Australian Ballet perform regularly and we were happy to catch a very thoughtful modern ballet performance.

Have you ever seen a show at the Sydney Opera House or is it on your bucket list?

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Ann Shirley

Visiting the Sydney Opera House is definitely on my bucket list! The image you included of it looks stunning. My daughter is currently taking ballet lessons and I would love to have the opportunity to take her to one of the shows at the Sydney Opera House. I also wish to use my travelling experience to teach my child about different cultures. She's been to Sydney before, but she was just a baby at the time so she doesn't really remember it and she was too young to be taken to a show like that. When we went to Sydney one of the main focuses of our trip was visiting Blue Mountains in Sydney. This was a bit easier for our family to do with an infant. We got to enjoy a wildlife park where it didn't matter as much if my baby girl made a fuss. Now that she's older I think she can sit still long enough to enjoy a visit to the Sydney Opera House though!

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