Colorful Exotic Fruit in Tropical Asia

October 03, 2012

colorful exotic tropical fruit in Asia

Do you enjoy exotic fruits? Tropical Asia is the place to explore them as there are so many strange fruits that I have never even seen before. One way to combine healthy food and travel is to eat like the locals and find ways to eat organic raw food. This is where we buy organic food in Penang.


We don't eat everything like the locals and stick to favorites that we know from home like papayas, mangos, bananas and pineapples, but sometimes we get adventurous.

fruit bowl

I have forgotten what the name of these odd, harry ones are, but they are quite yummy and taste something like a kumquat. Hubs, who found it at the market, says it's a rambutan.

lovely, tasty but weird rambutan ..a fruit native to Malaysia

My daughter is crazy about the passion fruit and regularly makes her own healthy soda pop using them. We do lots of things with the cheap coconut here, including making healthy, cheap deodorant.

tropical fruit bowl

Sometimes I think I enjoy these fruits as much for their looks as the taste, as my fruit bowls and fruit platters make me smile and remind me I am doing a sensual, tropical winter life again this year.

tropical leaf snack

This is some kind of coconut concoction, and we haven't tried it yet, but it looks intriquing dressed in those leaves which I am guessing are banana tree leaves all nestled on a Mandarin paper.

mangos, bananas and lemons in a bowl

My shades-of -yellow fruit bowl of bananas, mangos, lemons!

rambutan fruit inside and out

We had to ask a local how to eat these things... the good stuff is a gooey thing in the middle.

colorful fruits in a bowl

Okay the organic tomatoes above and avocodos here are not tropical fruits, but we mix a little bit of everything in. We even occasionally have organic apples, but they are imported, so expensive, thus we don't get them too often.

Thus,  that is my little photo essay on tropical fruit. We've had more, but I don't always get a photo of each thing we try. The popular ( and smelly) durian is not my thing and some look too strange to eat regularly.

What is your favorite exotic fruit?

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Jessica Holt

I adore Rambutan. I tried it for the first time when I took a trip to Cambodia, yum! It 's pretty hard to find here in California, but I occasionally come across it in Asian food stores and I can find it canned in the local Asian grocery store. I also love Passion Fruit (like Mozart!) I used to live in South America where they make a drink with flat water and a little sugar, very similar to how Mozart makes her homemade soda. Again passion fruit is not that easy to find here, but sometimes I find Passionfruit juice in the stores. Great list! I love exotic fruits :)

Addison - Visa Hunter

Wow, these are amazing fruits! I live in Brazil, also a place with a magnificent array of different fruits. You can get juices made of Caju (Cashew), Maracuja (Passion Fruit), Abacaxi (Pineapple), and Acai com Guarana (special type of fruit for Brazil).

I think you see this huge fruit and vegetable diversity in tropical destinations where the weather is conducive to this sort of thing.

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