Global Travel Tween - Ultimate Birthday Party in Asia!

October 15, 2012

Ultimate birthday party in Asia for our global traveling tween

How cool is mixing travel and birthday celebrations? For our globetrotting nomad tween, it is a way of life to celebrate birthdays around the world in multilanguages. She is long use to hearing the birthday song in Mandarin, Spanish and English ( plus other languages).

We like to keep a record of her unique birthdays for her, as well using the blog as a way to share with family, friends and readers who have watched her grow.

First starting at 5 with her good bye pajama party in California, then she celebrated her 6th birthday in Paris,  7th birthday in Salazburg, ( and Dalmation coast)  her 8th birthday in Stockholm, her 9th birthday in London, her 10th birthday in Barcelona and her 11th birthday at Harry Potter's Wizarding World  at Universal in Orlando Florida.

This fall, she is in her Mandarin school in Asia, so was thrilled to plan a big 12 party with her dear Chinese friends here. She had some amazing parties at our home in California for one through five birthdays, but often in fulltime  travel, one can't have a big party with friends, so she was in her element these last few months planning this extravaganza. This is her 3rd continent and  8th country to celebrate a birthday ( we sometimes have two that I didn't list), and first birthday celebration for her in Asia.


birthday balloons and surprise

Who wouldn't want to skip school and wake up to balloons covering her bed, birthday greeting on her window and a surprise package waiting? She discovered the series "Friends" in London in 2011, so was  happy to discover a boxed set here that she has been coveting for weekend viewing, thus a surprise that delighted her that started the day right... Squeals of joy, hand made card and decorations.

healthy bubble gum and mall rat shopping

What tween girl wouldn't want a shopping spree at the mall, especially when she had it mostly to herself since everyone else was in school or at work?

happy kid

She had to put on the new T-shirt she bought plus the new bangles and love earrings from her shopping spree...while still at the mall.   She was one happy kid and the whole family really enjoyed this week day of indulgence on her birthday that fell in the middle of the week.  We also saw a great movie at the mall and like rock stars, we had the whole luxury theater to ourselves and brought our own healthy popcorn. We had some Chinese food at a fave restaurant ( something I don't usually do with my health issues) and then cuddled and watched a new DVD movie at home.


American girl with her Mandarin speaking friends at Karaoke party in Asia

Six Chinese girlfriends and one American all having fun at the Karaoke party celebrating her birthday on the weekend.

good friends singing karaoke together

Mozart loooooves to sing!

cake, candles, balloons, friends and wishes!

Singing the birthday song, making a wish and blowing out those candles!

Girlfriends at Karaoke party

Lots of good food and drinks! Nom, nom.

little singing star

Birthday love earrings and singing a favorite  Mandarin pop song.

dancing and singing party

The party room was jumping with happy girls!

delicious birthday cake and presents

Yummy birthday cake that she picked out and ordered  from a favorite bakery in the mall. We haven't been eating any sugar for about a year, ( only raw honey) so this was a big splurge.

food and more food

Dinner was part of the package for our Karaoke party, so the tweens had more than enough to eat.

girls eating birthday cakeThe yummy cake disappeared quickly.

playing wii at the party

Not just karaoke, but wii games too kept the girls occupied. ( Something we've never invested in but she has played it at other friends houses in several countries).

balloon dance and Mandarin Pop

You can't have too many balloons for a party.

happy kids

Girls just want to have fun!


opening presents at home with BFF

Even after the party, the birthday celebrations continued as the custom here is to open presents away from guests. She had invited her best friend over for a sleepover so they opened the presents at our home in Penang.

sleep over fun

Girls giggling and up late with birthday mischief.

morning after

Still playing the next day.

Full of joy!

An amazing birthday celebration for this happy 12 year old!!

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Lesley Peterson

What great photos! Love the balloons and LOVE earrings. Wishing Mozart another wonderful year of 'Friends' and joy...

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks heaps Leslie! I will pass it on to her!


Happy Birthday Mozart!
Thank you so much for sharing her celebration with us. It's wonderful to see that kids are so different and yet in many was the same all over the world. What a wonderful education she's getting!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks Darleen! It is so true that kids and birthday parties are pretty similar and wonderful all around the world in any language! ;)

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