Italy? Don't Miss Romantic Verona and the Opera!

October 11, 2012

Seeing the opera in Romantic Verona, Italy

One of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe is Verona with it's dazzling opera, Renaissance art, Valpolicella vineyards and of course, being the enchanting setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Lonely Planet calls Verona one of the best places in the world to fall in love, but on our open ended world tour,  we've found it is ideal for family travel, especially for families who like to combine travel and education. Of course, I think one can have romance with family travel.

Even if you do not like opera, you can't help but be amazed by seeing a classic at the 2000-year-old Arena di Verona, under the moonlight in this ancient Roman coliseum. Many say it is the most atmospheric venue for opera in the world with top notch performances. If you want to take your kid to the opera and wow them...this is the place for sure!

Carmen in Verona Arena with Placido Domingo and Franco Zeffirelli

In our 7 years of non-stop world travel, this stands out as one of the gems and we've been there four times. We liked Verona so much the first time, that we returned for more and will again. The opera experience is mind-blowing and fun for the whole family.

We didn't plan ahead, just bought the tickets earlier in the day we went, as we tend to always improvise on our road trips in Europe.  The cheap seats are fun for families and you are with many locals who bring a picnic and it has an almost ball park feeling to it with an Italian slant. Bring a cushion or rent one, as the seats are marble and the same ones the Romans sat on to watch performances. The small town center is like a party before and after the operas so great for people watching.

" I enjoy all forms of music- pop, classical and opera." Stephen Hawking

Seeing awe inspiring  world-class talents first hand like Franco Zeffirelli and Placido Domingo as the moon rises overhead and sharing  the tradition of starting with candle-lighting for each person in the arena, helps create the magic. We loved our first opera here so much, we went back for more the next day.


Too many people miss this lovely spot and it's only an hour and  half from Venice. We always stay at an adorable farm stay in Verona  as we love it and the family that runs it. Here is more on Verona:

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Have you been to the opera in Verona or is on your list?

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