Sacred Cows in Asia

October 09, 2012

mysterious sacred cows in Asia

How many cities with the population of 800,000 people do you know that have cows wondering about on little patches of land or empty lots in a booming urban area? Some how, only in weird Asia do you find unlikely contrasts like this pastoral scene smack in the middle of massive urban glut. So typical Asia.

Remember that large 8 story mall I wrote about last Christmas in Asia,  plus more photos of it on our Apartment Living in Penang, Singing Karaoke or during the Lamborghini car show posts?

Right next to this huge mall and all the nearby high rise luxury apartments with the endless ridiculous traffic zipping by, is this little oasis for sacred cows.  I am not sure if these are official "holy cows" or not, ( those that are used for the Hindu temples or to pull ox carts during Indian festivals in Little India) as no one was around to ask.

I see goats and cows regularly out my own high rise window and they always amaze me a little as it seems so odd to see them in this very urban setting in a lot next to the mall two blocks from me or dodging construction rubble. Granted we did see some unusual sites like this traditional oxcart in Spain, but that at least was a rural setting.

Where is the oddest place that you have seen sacred cows?

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