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November 13, 2012

American blond child and Chinese baby make smile ambassadors

Being a foreign blond girl in China can sometimes feel like a celebrity and meeting babies is all part of the fun, even if one is not a politician. Mozart absolutely adores babies and they seem to enjoy her Mandarin too and just look how it lights up everybody around them.

She gets asked a lot for photo opportunities, many from people visiting Beijing from areas where foreigners are never seen. She is not always comfortable with it, but certainly enjoyed it when she was asked to be a model from a lady from a modeling agency in Beijing.

Lots of people like to take a photo with their babies or children with Mozart and this always makes her smile. Sometimes there are so many photographers that it feels like Paparazzi, but mostly it is quite flattering and fun...especially if it involves a baby to play with for a few minutes.

Aren't babies and children the BEST ambassadors?

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I started taking pictures of the people who wanted pictures with Leah--I have quite a collection! This especially seemed to happen in Beijing. People also wanted to touch her hair because it is curly. We had her picture drawn by an artist in Nanjing and there were close to 50 people surrounding her and watching the artist work. I framed her portrait and the picture of everyone watching together--looks great! A wonderful memory!

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