Beijing Blonde and Pink Electric Bike

November 29, 2012

cute electric bike in China with cute kid

Who doesn't love pink? It seems to be a popular color for electric bikes for girls in China. We're enjoying all the bikes in Beijing and my little pink blonde bunny enjoyed this pink bike. I love those funny mitten things on the handle bars that are very popular.

They also often wear chap-like warm things to cover their legs to protect them from the Siberian wind in winter. You don't see many or any motorcycles in Beijing, but electric bikes are popular as are bike lanes and bikes piled high with things.

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Suzzane from Travel Universally

That's so nice, and cute too! Your kid looks so beautiful with that bike. those mittens are like meant only for the cute girl. I would love to get myself in Beijing.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Suzzane! Beijing is a lot of fun and the people are do get yourself here! ;)


such a cool bike!

xo Cassy

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