China Parks and Martial Arts

November 14, 2012

Tai Chi in Beijing parks - Chinese exercise and health

Can we learn about travel fitness and travel health from the Chinese?

The parks in Beijing are filled with people exercising and playing amongst the autumn leaves on these cool, crisp sunny days, but there is plenty of open space, so it was never crowded. We enjoyed the time in nature as well as watching the Tai Chi and Qigong, especially when they were dressed in traditional clothing like this lady in the photo.

Since my good friend Winser is a Tai Chi master, we will definitely learn some while here in China and will join in with the locals. I've been using a La-jin bench at the health based Chinese school that we've being hosted by and I am finding it quite amazing for self-healing.

There is singing, chess playing and more in the parks, but the favorite game for Mozart was the Jianzi. It is a traditional Asian game,  kind of like Hacky Sack, using a shuttlecock with your feet and passing it around in a circle without using hands. We bought one with bright pink feathers and she has been playing with it ever since.

Have you ever tried Tai Chi or Qigong? Have you watched them do it in China?

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winser zhao

did you find that most of the people who doing the exercise are the elders, first, they are retired, and they no need go to work, so they have enough time for practice, 2nd, the elder people are cherish the health more than the youth do, but all the people will find the health is the most important thing in ones life. so please do some practice and exercise from today. what ever the Taijiquan or the Qigong.

Bill W

I've been learning a little Tai Chi now that I'm getting older. It feels like it's taken years off of me. I haven't been this flexible and ache-free in quite a while. I hope you enjoy similar benefits.


Oh yes, we loved to see the many pursuits going on in the parks. So many people of all ages getting exercise and fresh air. Our favorite was a bird park where almost everyone had a small caged bird brought out to air and socialize we assume. The parks seamed like outdoor meeting or social halls.

winser zhao

i teach the kids the martiall arts in that park, it called Longtan park, 龙潭公园 in Chinese.

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