Panjiayuan Antique Market Beijing - Best Gifts

November 23, 2012

amazing, colorful IMG_8530Panjiayuan Antique Market Beijing

Where is the best place to shop in Beijing? Thier colorful antique market called Panjiayuan certainly stole our hearts and our local friend also enjoyed the great prices. We found it to be a favorite spot in China, so we want to go back!

We bought a few wonderful souvenirs including a hand painted scroll, frog rings for kidlet and a hand embroidered antique cloth..the latter from the lady in this photo. DaVinci said we were "dragon hunting" beecause  we bought several things that had dragons on it.

One of the best parts was watching the shocked face of locals breaking into smiles when Mozart started her expert bargaining in Mandarin. She would draw a little crowd and they seemed both amazed at her perfect Mandarin and her skill at bargaining. Little did they know that she loves to haggle for things and has been doing it around the world in many languages and cultures.  Fun video and more on this soon!

Do you like to bargain? What are your favorite things to buy as souvenirs?

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Jeanne @soultravelers3

So true! She was doing it again today in fun to watch her and the people's reaction to her!!

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