Real Beijing Hutong Nights

November 27, 2012

Colorful Beijing Hutong area at night


Where is the real Beijing? Most people will tell you it is in the Beijing Hutong area because it exemplfies the history and culture of old Beijing.

All of Beijing seems colorful at night, but walking in this old Hutong area at night is exhilarating because of the lights, color and buzzing activity. Our friend Winzer Zhao who is helping us with our China travel , lives in the Hutong area and it is our favorite part of Beijing so far.

The word hutong comes from the Mongolian language and has it's origin from the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people and refers to a group of families living together near a water source. The hutongs in Beijing go back to the days of Kublei Khan, but sadly many have been torn down for the high rises.

Much more coming on this exciting area, but just a little taste from this photo. As DaVinci said, it looks like Christmas in Beijing every night!
















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winser zhao

most of the Hutongs locate within the 2nd ring road, which belong to the old town, now it is the center part of the city. there is few high rise buildings within the 2nd ring road, but there are many high rise buildings outside the 2nd ring road. the CCTV plaza close to the east 3rd ring road, the Olympic birds nest just outside the north 4th ring road, along with the center axis line.

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