Thanksgiving in China

November 22, 2012


Clear, crisp days, colorful autumn leaves, a little snow, it certainly looks like Thanksgiving Day  here in China and our hearts are filled with gratitude, but celebrating an American holiday while traveling abroad is always an interesting experience. This is our 7th year of doing this internationally, but last year we were at home for the holidays.


Happy Thanksgiving Espana

First Thanksgiving in tropical SE Asia

Thanksgiving Blessings Abroad

A key is to appreciate with gratitude what you find. Everything has value. Nothing needs to be different from what it is. That's a beginning point. If you venture forth without accepting things the way they are, you are in a path of separation and disturbance. You are going to be off and out of balance. You will need to come back to acceptance, which is letting things be what they are and open to what can become. - John Morton

We'll call extended family at home and join them virtually thanks to free webcam calls that make it easy to be a digital nomad world traveling family now. This is my favorite holiday because of it's focus on gratitude and that can be done anywhere.

"When you realize how PERFECT everything is... you will tilt your head back & laugh at the sky." Buddha

This year we will be teaching our new Chinese friends and traditional Mandarin school in Beijing about Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it. I think it has a universal theme about sharing, gratitude, family and harvest that everyone can relate to. We can teach them a bit of history, culture and English at the same time!

Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude." ~Krutch

Now that we have a nice rhthym and understanding of Beijing, we are off for another adventure for the long Thanksgiving Day weekend. We will take the fast train to Shanghai to explore it a bit, staying as guests of the legendary luxurious  Fairmont Peace Hotel and meeting up with our old cyber friend Elliott Ng  and his wonderful family.

( He is a great guy, the head of Google in China now, whom I know from Twitter and how I met Winser Zhao who is helping us in China...small world). The Ng's are from Silicon Valley area like us, but living in Shanghai now, we saw him briefly when we arrived in Beijing  and we planned this Chinese play date with the kids on Twitter before they moved to China.

Wishing everyone a most magical Thanksgiving full of love and gratitude!!

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