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December 13, 2012

Beijing Opera or Peking Opera

When you take your trip to China, don't miss the  Peking Opera (京剧) while in Beijing, for it is one of the top  "must-see" things if you are interested in Chinese culture or learning Mandarin. Also known as Beijing Opera, it is over 200 years old and worth it for the stunning costumes alone, which fascinated me.

Millions of overseas visitors head to Beijing every year because it is a fantastic blend of old and new as well as the capital. Peking Opera is based here and is a national treasure. It's a very stylized performance with elaborate makeup, clothes and sets that includes singing, dancing, and acrobatic fighting ( and sounds strange to our ears).

More details on this soon, but I wanted to at least get this Beijing Opera travel photo up to give you a taste of our unique-to-us evening of entertainment. It's very different than watching Opera in Verona as we did in Italy on our world tour, but impressive in it's own right.



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