Christmas Travel to Europe

December 14, 2012

Christmas in Europe and Christmas markets

Is Christmas a good time to travel to Europe? It's certainly a magical season to visit the Christmas markets and enjoy the very different festivals and traditions.

On our non-stop family world trip these last 7 years, we've spent  four Christmas in Europe and we loved celebrating it in our tiny, sunny, warm village in Andalusia, Spain. ( We've also loved two winters in Asia..this being our second...and one last year in California at home with family for five months.

We loved Spain winters because of the sun, but there is snow in the mountains in Granada if you miss that, but want sun. Also  places like Germany, France, UK, Austria, Sweden, Norway, northern Italy, etc are good destinations if you want more of a winter feel and all have Christmas markets. Surprisingly, even camping in Europe can be fun in winter, especially by campervan around Europe or using cabins like in Paris. ( Although we prefer the warm months best).


Flamenco Christmas

Christmas in Europe - Photo Fantasy

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Have you ever traveled to Europe for Christmas? What is your favorite holiday spot?


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