Skiing in Southern Spain

December 27, 2012

skiing the Sierra Nevada in Spain

Where can you ski in the morning, swim in the sea that very afternoon and maybe visit a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site in between? There is only one place in the world and it is the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort in Granada Province in Andalusia, Spain.

Not too many get to ski both Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges ( California and Spain) by 8 years old,but Mozart is one of the lucky ones to have those bragging rights, thanks to our four winters in Spain as part of our digital nomad lifestyle.

We loved visiting the Alhambra, soaking in arab baths after skiing and then heading home to the warm Med sea beach after playing ancient princess and ski bum.

Alas, we didn't get to ski in China as we had planned recently,  as we just ran out of time, but we will be back and to Spain and California as well. Now that we have our winter gear with us in Penang, we'll have to find the closest place to fly into for a bit of skiing.

Where are you skiing this year?

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We ski on the mountains out back. This former flatlander (I'm looking at you, Michigan) has fallen thoroughly in love with mountain culture. Vertigo and all LOL! I do prefer nordic to alpine skiing, though. (You can take the girl out of Michigan but you can't take the flatland out the girl, eh?)

How did you transport your winter gear to Penang?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I prefer cross country skiing too..and in fact that is all I've been able to do for years with my knee injury.

Hubs does the downhill stuff with her.

Our winter stuff is in our RV in Europe, so we had to buy some new stuff for cold China. Funnily, they have a bit here in tropical Penang for those who want to travel to ski etc.


I've only just started skiing as a seasonaire, working in Chamonix, France. But i have totally got the ski bug, bought my own boots and will be looking for the nearest snow, next year.

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