Taking the Fast Train in China

December 10, 2012

fast train Beijing south to Shanghai - beautiful attendants

Arriving at Beijing's South Station to take the super fast bullet train ( a distinctive pointed nose - their brand new "G" category) to Shanghai, is more like being at an airport than a train station. It travels at 300km/186 miles an hour and arrives in under 5 hours in comfort ( and likely more reliable than a flight and as fast, counting travel and check-in time).

I took this photo of train attendants who look a lot like flight attendants, as we waited to board our train. Quite impressive and also quite different from the older over-night train that we took from the Beijing West station to Xian, that I will write more about soon.

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It's actually the only thing convenient to travel with on land in Shanghai especially if you are a heavy hater of traffic and overcrowded sidewalks.

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