Terracotta Army

December 28, 2012

terracotta Army highlights of trip to China

The Terracotta warriors and horses are a must-see on a trip to China as well as 3000 year old Xi'an which was the capitol of China from the first Emperor who united this ancient country and then many important dynasties.

So much has been destroyed in China to make way for progress that we found the local Chinese seem to have a real reverence for Xi'an because of it's historical significance. It is one of the rare cities that still has it's wall and one can't miss it upon arrival. When all of Europe was in the dark ages, it was the largest and most sophisticated city in the world.

What I found most fascinating about this death-defying Emperor Qinshihuang, ( 221-207 BC) who had the 8000 strong underground army built by 700, 000 forced laborers for his tomb to protect him in the after life, was just how sophisticated the society was at that time. Each warrior is unique, brightly painted originally and even the horses gold and silver intricate bits and tackle were mind blowing.

Our friend Winser Zhao from China Travel 2.0. arranged a great guide for Xian and helped us take the overnight train from Beijing ( which was a bit of an adventure in itself). We stayed at a great apartment through Wimdu who sponsored us there and I will write a review soon.

The owner is also a guide and wrote a book about the Terra Cotta Army that was in the room and enlightening. It was a perfect choice for family travel to book this room with our own warriors and Mozart models one of the costumes in the closet.

Can you guess which Terracotta Warrior is Mozart?

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