Visiting a Beautiful Water Village China - Zhujiajio

December 01, 2012

beutiful boat Zhujiajio, china water village near Shanghai

Some call it the Venice of China and when you go on the little boats, one can see exactly where it got that name and it did remind of us our time on gondolas in Italy. Zhujiajio is an exciting ancient town with bridges and roads from the Ming ( 1368 -1644) and Qing ( 1636 -1911)  dynaasties.

We are here for Mandarin immersion for our child, so spending most of our time in Beijing and exploring mainly on the weekends. There is much to see in the cities, but I was thrilled to get this day in a small village and thank reader Jurin for pointing out this water village to my attention.

It only took us about an hour and half from Shanghai via taxi and we had a great day there and I will be writing much more about it. Cities are great, but one can learn lots from small villages and so this one was perfect to add to our agenda on this first trip to China.

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