Best Budget Tropical Escape? Bahia Honda by Key West

January 18, 2013

Bahia Honda near Key West -Mom and daughter

Winter blues? Escape to warm sunshine, clear water, white sand beaches all on a super low budget by heading to this paradise gem near Key West. This is Bahia Honda, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It's a favorite spot with locals, but most tourists miss this gem.

We are in tropical Asia enjoying the sun, (the cold of China in December seems a dream, as does winter snow photos on Facebook)  but for those in America and Europe who are looking for a close- by winter sun escape on a tight budget, I highly recommend this place.

On our road trip to Florida to visit Harry Potters Wizarding World in Orlando, we went to Key West straight from wintry Germany. Lovely to leave a cold place and hit the sun and clear skies, plus a good health excuse for one's Vitamin D too.

We use to come here and camp regularly when I was a kid. We'd swim, snorkel, explore, look for coconuts and conch shells, lie in the sun and hang out. This is a few feet from where we'd put our tent with ocean views and I had fun sharing the memories with my daughter.  I even came back as a young adult living in NYC as a cheap winter escape.

Wishing you a sunny weekend, wheather it is in the snow skiing or on the beach!

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