Best White Sand Beach

January 04, 2013

most beautiful white sand beach

Dreaming about a perfect deserted white sand beach lapped by turqoise water crashing over your toes with endless blue skies dotted with wisps of Cumulus clouds dancing with the shining sun? Tropical winters can't be beat and budget  vacations in paradise are particularly rewarding to those battling the winter blues in cold climates.

Some of my happiest childhood memories were about leaving the snow behind in Michigan on a wintery day and waking up to bright sun and warm breezes on my face.

My Dad drove all night long and we would pitch a tent right on the stunning snow-colored sandy beaches of Pensacola. A very frugal, but thrilling journey for a family of six, that we usually did a couple of times a winter. We'd return, with big smiles, winter tans and totally relaxed.

We took our daughter Mozart to this magical place on our Florida road trip. She is walking near Fort Pickens campground in this photo,  part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore  and at the end of a long barrier island,  surrounded by forest.


Galicia, Spain

Bora Bora

Satorini, Greece

Costa Brava, Spain



Costa del Sol, Spain


Where are you dreaming about or planning a trip to?


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Mitch Steinman

I am thinking of a trip to Caribbean. Best beaches, amazing place!


What a wonderful gift to the family from your dad! You know he had to be dog tired by the time you arrived...but must have thought it was worth it when he saw the looks on the little faces of all his kids!

I want to share Sanibel Island with my little tribe someday. Happy memories of that Michigan to Florida connection. (Although you were lucky to make that journey far more often than we did!)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Love Caribbean beaches too Mitch!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Coolio HullsEdge! It's so much fun to take the family back to the scene of childhood happy memories. ;)

It was great of my Dad to do that drive, but I don't think it was as hard for him to do it as it would be for my husband. Some folks are just better at long haul drives and it seems to run in my family as he was known for it as are most of us kids.

I am sure grateful he did it!!

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