First Limo Ride - a Teen Arrives in Style!

January 12, 2013

Happy kid on first limo ride on RTW trip

What young teen doesn't dream about a limousine ride and being a bit spoiled by first class luxuries? This is the kind of thing one reads about in books, or sees in movies, but don't really expect in life (certainly not a travel lifestyle family that lives on $23/day per person around the world), so our just-turned-12 year old was euphoric to have this opportunity (thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing who sponsored us).

Talk about arriving in style and going first class! After a 12 hour travel day and arriving after midnight, it certainly perked us all up to first see the bright lights of Beijing on our first trip to China in the comfort of a brand new limousine.

This is a kid who has taken buses, taxi's, RV's, horses, camels, sail boats, cargo ships, trains, funiculars, cars, bikes, cable cars, subways, scooters and more on 5 continents and 45 countries...but this was her very first limo ride and that was super exciting for her.

I love it that she can have the whole range of experiences from sleeping in a Berber tent deep in the Sahara desert at 6 to riding a limo in China at 12 and staying at the best luxury hotels as well as staying with locals in China.

By the way, here in Penang at her Chinese school, they begin the school year in January and she likes it that she is already considered a "13" here because she will turn 13 in 2013....even if it won't be until the fall. So she says from that definition, she is not a tween, but a teen!

How old were you when you took your first fancy limousine ride?

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Looks like a fantastic experience, it's a great first experience of China.

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