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January 29, 2013

learning Mandarin in China - best school- language learning- kids

What is the best way to learn Mandarin or any language? Immersing in a Chinese school in Beijing was a fantastic experience for us and our daughter made great strides by being in an all Mandarin environment 24/7 while we were in China.

Learning Mandarin in Penang at a Chinese school has been a very wise choice for us and allowed her to visit China for the first time already fluent in Mandarin. Our world school method and ultimate family adventure these last 7 years, combines homeschooling with travel and dipping into local schools for languages. Each school and country enriches us and adding China taught us all new things.

This is a photo of us with Ms. Huang (next to me) the wonderful principal at Guangren kindergarten (广仁书院)  and other teachers and parents with the kids that come every day to the after school program. The teacher on the other end has a PhD in teaching and tested Mozart on her Mandarin and found her to be doing well at a 3rd grade level reading and writing which she increased while there.

best school in Beijing to learn Chinese and traditional ways

We have great gratitude to Winser from China Travel 2.0 who introduced us and set this up for us as well as our homestay in Beijing. These were amazing heart-focused, generous people, a gorgeous waldorf inspired school, serving scrumptious organic food and a very special community. We miss them already and were deeply touched by the kindness in China and ancient wisdom and traditions.

I have much more to share about our time at this enchanting school.  I didn't put the school name or links in while in China for safety reasons, but can do that now. ( We don't usually say our location online until we are gone to protect our child).

Have you ever learned a language through immersion?

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这是非常好的,我希望你能学会你想要的一切 I hope all is well with your Chinese learning. Also this was a good article especially for Chinese learners to find the best places out there

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Jade! We really loved this school and our experience there.

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